(All information submitted is PUBLIC information)

  1. For biennial registrations, the project registration number, name of the condominium project, project street address, total number of units, and expiration of fidelity bond on file with the Commission are preprinted pursuant to information filed with the Commission. (All units are included, regardless of the use or ownership of the unit.) If the preprinted information is incorrect, please modify and submit filed copies of the declaration or other legal documents supporting the modification, or current evidence of fidelity bonding. For first-time registrations, please fill in each blank.

    NOTE: Project Street Address refers to the physical location of the project. For biennial registrations, the address is preprinted pursuant to information filed with the Commission. For first-time registrations, if the project does not have a street address, please provide the project location (island and closest physical landmark or street intersection to project).
    1. The names and positions of officers are public information (HRS § 514B-103 (a) (2)).
    2. AOUOs must provide the name and mailing address of a designated officer for direct contact (HRS § 514B-103 (a) (2)). The information provided shall not be that of the managing agent.

    NOTE: 2b refers to the individual, his/her public phone number and public mailing address where a unit owner or the owner's authorized agents may be able to obtain the documents, records, and information required to be provided pursuant to HRS § 514B -154.5.
  2. The person identified in Question 3a will receive notices to update the AOUO's fidelity bond coverage, as well as correspondence from the Commission; the person identified in Question 3b. is responsible for implementing the association's policy to allow service of civil process on the association property, pursuant to HRS Chapters 634 and 514B.
  3. Self-managed refers to associations that manage their project with the help of volunteers or association employees, and do not retain the services of an independent condominium managing agent. Condominium Managing Agent refers to a managing agent currently licensed as a real estate broker in the state of Hawaii providing for the operation of the condominium project or a corporation authorized to do business as a trust company under HRS Chapter 412, Article 8, and registered with the Real Estate Commission as a condominium managing agent.
  4. HRS § 514B-143 (a) (3) (A), requires each AOUO having more than five dwelling units to secure a fidelity bond covering persons, including the managing agent and its employees who control or disburse funds of the association, in an amount equal to $500 multiplied by the number of units, provided that the bond shall not be less than $20,000 nor greater than $200,000.
    1. √ the first box if the preprinted expiration date on page A-1 is after June 30, 2023.
      √ the second box if the preprinted expiration date is before June 30, 2023. Selecting the second box requires that the attached Certification Statement of Insurance (CSI) form must be completed by the AOUO's insurance representative. Failure to provide the CSI when selecting this box will result in a deficient registration application.
    2. An AOUO that is unable to obtain a fidelity bond may seek approval for a bond exemption from the Commission. Select which type of exemption the AOUO is requesting. The AOUO may submit only ONE type of bond exemption if the AOUO meets all the conditions and terms stated on the application. An additional $50 nonrefundable bond exemption application fee must be added to the preprinted total due on the bottom of page A-1. If the bond exemption is denied, then the AOUO must submit evidence of current fidelity bonding no later than the May 31, 2023 biennial registration deadline. All fidelity bond exemptions expire at the conclusion of the biennial registration period, and shall be submitted at least 30 days prior to the biennial registration deadline.
  5. Calculate the percentage of residential units that are occupied by owners. Exclude units that are not designated for residential purposes.
  6. Pursuant to HRS § 514B-106 (c), within 30 days after adoption of any proposed budget for the association, the board shall make available a copy of the budget to all unit owners and shall notify each unit owner that the owner may request a copy of the budget and to whom that request shall be made.
  7. HRS 514B-148 (b) requires associations to assess the owners to either fund a minimum of 50% of the estimated replacement reserves, or fund 100% of the estimated replacement reserves when using a cash flow plan. Estimated replacement reserves means funds which an AOUO's reserve study indicates must be collected during a budget year to establish a full replacement reserve for the AOUO by the end of the budget year (HAR § 16-107-62).
  8. The Commission recommends maintaining copies of the condominium education materials, HRS Chapter 514B and HAR Chapter 107, in reference binders for owner review. HRS § 514B-153 (a) requires accurate copies of the declaration, bylaws, house rules and master lease, if any, a sample original conveyance document, and all public reports and any amendments to be provided to owners and prospective purchasers for review or upon payment of a reasonable charge (HRS § 514B-154 (d)).
  9. The Commission encourages the use of mediation or arbitration to resolve condominium disputes. HRS § 514B-161 makes subsidized mediation and voluntary binding arbitration available to unit owners and boards of directors as a means of dispute resolution.
Liability for Misstatements: The Commission requires every person responsible to complete this AOUO registration application to make a good faith effort to provide accurate AOUO registration information. This obligation should not be taken lightly; penalties may be imposed for false statement.

Individuals with Special Needs: This material can be made available for individuals with special needs. Please call the Senior Condominium Specialist at (808) 586-2643 to submit your request.

Important Dates:

Bond exemption reapply deadline:
May 1, 2023
Biennial reregistration deadline:
May 31, 2023

Need help?

If you need any assistance, please contact (808) 586-2643, and request to speak to the condominium registration clerk.